5 month old

Maxim. 5 month old.

Maxim is five month old today. Wow. Time flies indeed.

He is still learning a bunch of new things every day. His persistence amazes me. There is nothing he can’t learn. He tries something new, if it does work he tries it again. And again. And again. And again. He gets tired – he comes back to it tomorrow, like he never tried it before. Nothing can stop him. Nothing.

His main two activities in learning now are seating and crawling. He can sit with support easily for a long time. Meaning like 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe more. He always wants to sit. His elbows are always open far from the rest of his body and his stomach muscles are always pushing and pulling him into a seating position.

Today, on the day of his birthday, he obsoleted his resting cradle on the table. We used to put it on the table because it is easier for us to access and more fun for Maxim to watch things around him. But today he actually seated himself, overturning the cradle and nearly creating a magnificant crash site. Only by luck Olga caught him in mid-air. We put his rocking seat (I don’t know who this thing is called) on the floor and he immediately repeated the sit-up. Something tells me he’ll be crawling more the next few days…

His crawling is also advances a lot. He can easily cross our bed diagonally or along a couple of sides. Olga left him alone on the bed today just for a few seconds and he crawled to the opposite edge of the bed nearly falling down. The only thing that stopped him was a used breast pad which smelled like milk, which he proceeded to suck hungrily for those few moments that Olga was away.

With Maxim getting more and more mobile we have to adjust. He is barely crawling and we are already pushing our luck. I am afraid to think of times when he’ll be running around…

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