How to get rid of me

I couldn’t pass up the title of the Lifehacker‘s article “How to get rid of people who overstayed their welcome“,  since I am one of those people who pretty much always overstays the welcome.  I am trying to learn the signs, but somehow they escape me every time.  Even after reading the article, I have to say that this one works best for me:

People won’t always get your subtle hints. Sometimes you need to tell an overstayer directly that the conversation and hang out time is over.

Yup.  Just tell me when it’s the time to shut up and leave.  I never find it offending or rude.  Because I immediately know that you’ve probably tried telling it to me in some other way, and I failed to notice.

Given the size of lifehacker’s audience, and the problem described in this article, I have to say that I’m sort of glad, that I am not, obviously, alone.

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