Visited Jumbo

We went to Jumbo kids’ superstore today. The primary goal of our quest was a high chair for Maxim. We estimated that we’ll spend about 50 CYP on it. Few miscelanious items, such as plates and spoons were our secondary goal. Two hours after we entered the shop, we left without a high chair and without 70 CYP…

As usual, we bought everything and anything except for what we really needed. And with most of the items priced between .50 CYP and 3 CYP it’s really easy to fill the shopping cart with all sorts of junk.

I might sound sad and greedy, but I am not. Usually I forget about all the prices with the first smile on that little face. But he slept through most of the shopping and still is. I’m sure that when he will wake up and smile, I will forget everything once again.

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