Tribute to the blues in Pafos

Ladies and gentlemen, mark you calendars.  Here is the content of the SMS from one of the musicians who will be participating in the event:

Cold Shot are playing a tribute to the blues on the 30th of July at the Velvet Hall.  Doors open at 19:30 and the support band is Zacsuss.  Tickets are 10 EUR and are available at Music Gallery, Elvicom, and Olivers deli. Hope to see you there.

For those of you who haven’t reached your calendar yet, that will be next Friday.  Hints and tips on how to find the Velvet Hall and how to buy tickets are welcome via comments.  I am definitely planning to go, as I’ve heard some of the these guy play before and they are really good.

Update: Thanks to Chris Ergatides, we know have a map with both the event location and tickets shop (click the image for larger view).

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  1. The Velvet Hall is next to this EKO petrol station:

    As per the map I sent you, coming from Limassol, you may find the Music Gallery more convenient to pick up your tickets. Not sure where exactly in Dimokratias Ave it is but it is at #23. Tel. 26822282

    Next closest would be Elvicom, which is about 40 meters up and on the right from where the 3 petrol stations are opposite each other (EKO, ESSO and Petrolina).

    Address: 24-26 Evagora Pallikaride Ave.

    Tel.: 26819366

    Furthest away would be Oliver’s Deli. Map and phone number on their website:

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