Backup black hole

I just had to look for something that got deleted in one of the systems I administrate.  We have daily backups for the last week, weekly backups for the last two month, monthly backups for the last year, and yearly backups for ever.  That seemed like a sensible backup plan.  Unfortunately, the item that I was looking for was deleted created and deleted a couple of weeks ago.  It probably made it into one of the daily backups, but got rotated out.  And it didn’t live long enough to get into the weekly backup.  And now it’s gone.

(It wasn’t anything critical – but it would be awesome to restore it anyway.)

If it was a file, a backup tool like HashBackup could have made sure I’d never lose it.  But it was an item in the database, of which I have a compressed dump.  I’m guessing it’s probably the time to look for a proper database backup tool…

Any recommendations for MySQL?

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