New DVDs

While passing by Martin’s DVD club today I decided to check what he offers for sale. There are somewhere around a hundred DVDs for sale, but mostly average stuff. If it wasn’t all average, now it is, since I’ve got the most interesting bits. Here is what I puchased:

  • Kill Bill vol.1” and “Kill Bill vol.2“. 10 minutes into each of these movies and I was promising myself to buy the DVD. Finally, I have fullfilled my promise and can enjoy these masterpieces as often as I can.
  • Band of Brothers“. I’ve got the collector’s edition which comes on 6 DVDs in a metal box. It has plenty of bonus materials and stuff. I’ve seen most of the episodes when they were on TV, but I am not sure that I haven’t missed anything.
  • Road to Perdition“. I’ve seen this movie a long time ago in the cinema and really really really loved it. I wasn’t planning to buy it though, but couldn’t resist when it was standing on the shelve in front of me.

All of the DVDs are in excellent condition. “Band of Brothers” hasn’t been rented even once. The same with “Kill Bill vol.2”. “Road to Perdition” hasn’t even been opened. “Kill Bill vol.1” was rented once. To me. So I am not even talking about second hand here.

If you want to buy some DVDs, Martin has them in the shop for a mere 7 CYP. If you won’t make it until Saturday, he will take all of them to Linopetra market on Saturday morning and will sell them there. I suggest you hurry and buy some of these stuff as it comes out cheaper or the same price as getting them from online shops.

He also has some nice DVD box sets. I’ve got the only copy of “Band of Brothers” for 35 CYP, but you might be interested in Godfather collector’s edition, the complete Alien, Indiana Jones, Pink Panther, 24, or even Sex and the City.

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