Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Finally, after almost a week of suspending and half a year of waiting, we went to see “Kill Bill: Vol. 2” today. Both Hazard and Olga liked this movie. Pretty much. I loved it! Tarantino is genious. In my book, he went over himself. In the middle of the film I realized that I way underestimated the first part and that I want to see it again.

If you read anywhere that the second part is totally different from the first, then you better beleive it. Some people do really see these two films separately. For me though, they were shot differently, they perfectly unite. Actually, these two films should be watched together with a smoke break in the middle. Not a half a year. I am getting both of them on DVD and rewatching it.

If there was something you didn’t like in the first part – don’t see this one, because here Tarantino goes in full depth of what he was giving a glimpse of in the first part. In my opinion, it’s rathy typical of him. He usually gives a fast and furios type of thing in the beginning just to start you off and prepare you for explanations of the main points by the end. When you are ready. And this was taken pretty far in “Kill Bill”.

Kudos to Q&U for the ultimate satisfaction! I don’t really remember when was the last time I enjoyed the movie this much. :)

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