XXVII Moscow International Film Festival: Day 1

Today marks the start of XXVII Moscow International Film Festival. It is a major cultural event that will continue for 5 days and will provide general public with a chance to see a whole lot of excellent films.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend, but, never-the-less, I think it is a good opportunity for me to learn a lot about good movies. I will go through all the films that made it to the program, collect more information about them, and post it here.

It is impossible to watch all of the films during the festival as there a lot of them and they are shown on different screens all over Moscow. Thus, this guide might be helpful for future rental purposes.

As I already mentioned, the Festival will continue for five days. I will create a separate post covering films for each day. The complete program of the Festival with film information and screening time is available in Russian at http://www.afisha.ru/mmkf/.

30 films are offered for general public’s viewing pleasure on Day 1. All these films came from different countries. Most of these films were produced during the last few years, but there are entries dating as far back as 1943.

The following list is sorted based on the rating of the film at IMDb. Films with higher rating appear at the top of the list, while films with lower rating appear lower. Those films that I couldn’t find an IMDB entry for will appear at the bottom of the list.

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