Professions of the future

Technology has been marching forward in particularly large steps for the last hundred or so years. And with every step, there was a situation where some people had to convert to new professions, because their old ones were outsourced to technology. Some people though, managed to earn a living by doing the job better and cheaper.

As an example, high attitude workers come to mind. People, who work on high buildings and have special training are still sometimes cheaper than special equipment needed to get to those hights.

Thinking about this, I came to realize that such writers, radio commentators, and video people will have the same share in today’s technology advancement. Hiring a good writer for a blogging network, for example, is cheaper and easier to do than trying to outperform by optimizing the ads and SPAMing the hell out of the web to promote the resource. Good content brings audiences faster and for longer, than other “artificial” methods. So, those who can produce good content (talented radios, people with good voice and something to say, video crews) will (and already are) occupy that special place.

Just a thought.

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