The geometric attack of dead roaches

I am under attack by dead cockroaches. I found the first one yesterday, when I got home from work. It was right in the middle of the room. Cold and dead.

Two hours later, one magically appeared on my computer table. Again, exactly in the center. And this one was bigger in size.

Today, in the morning, yet another one was found in the bathroom. Not in the center though. But I could easily imagine the Golden Mean lines, that pointed to that exact location.

I can understand the dead roaches. Probably I’ve got a neighboor trying out new Raid. But for the heck of times, I don’t get the geometry behind all these deaths. It doesn’t look like a coincidence. I don’t believe in cockroaches’ intelligence. What else? Are those aliens coming into my house and strategically putting the bodies of dead roaches? What is the message that they are trying to convey?

Or maybe it’s all connected to this post that I’ve linked to recently?

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