New category: Memories

Recently, I have read an interesting post in someone’s blog (don’t remember who now) about the routine. The author was saying that there is plenty of interesting stuff going on in an average person’s life. Everyone has ineresting stories to tell. Everyone can remember at least a couple of funny episode’s from own life.

The strange thing though, that author continued, is that most people pay attention only to routine stuff. And they blog about routine. Wake up, brush teeth, breakfast, go to work, get bored, go for lunch, return and get bored again, go home, watch TV, go to bed – that sort of thing. If I remember correctly, he was speaking particularly about Live Journals, but what he said holds equally true to any other blogging community out there.

When I read that post at first I just nodded my head in agreement and forgot about the whole deal. Few days later I started thinking about it. Yes, it is true that most people blog about routine. Am I one of them? Probably. What can I do to improve the situation? Well, it is difficult to spot interesting stuff as it happens (although I try and thus blog a lot). But it is pretty easy to tell something that happened before. Interesting episodes from the past are crystal clear. Why not tell them? Heh, no good reason.

Therefor I am adding yet another category called ‘Memories’ (in ‘Personal’) where I will post stories from the days that are long gone. I’ve had surely lots of fun in my life. I will try to tell the stories. At least, this way they won’t drown in my memory one day…

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