Test of the new schedule

Maxim’s daily schedule is variable. Both Olga and I are trying to keep it as constant as possible but it moves around alot anyway. We try to bath, walk, feed, play, and put Maxim to bed at the same time every day, but he gets to choose on how closely to follow the scheme. He gets that choice by sleeping. We don’t ever wake him up. If he wants to sleep 4 hours instead of 2 – let him do it. If he decides to skip some sleep – again, the choice is his. And this seemed to work just fine.

But for the last couple of days, the routine changed noticably. Maxim decided that he needs more sleep. So he eats his dinner at around 18:00, than stays awake for an hour or so, and than falls asleep and does not wake up until just after the midnight. We used to bath him at around 21:00, but now we have to sit and wait until he wakes up. At midnight he opens his eyes, has a bath, eats and than immediately falls asleep and sleeps until roughly 04:00am. At that time he eats once again and falls asleep quickly to continue his dreams until around 07:00am. This time he eats, and goes for a walk in the park or on the seaside, where he decides wheather to sleep some more or stay awake and enjoy the outside.

With this new schedule he sleeps straight for 13 hours with a couple of small breaks. That’s a lot. On the other hand it is supposedly good as it gives us more free time. Because the schedule is rather new, neither of us knows what to do with this time though. I am still afraid and not trying to get used to this scheme as it might change in the next few days. I’ll be disappointed than.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes from here. For now I’ll go have some sleep…

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  1. Why are you afraid to wake him up? I think you can try to suggest him your shedule. May be it will be better for him and he’ll be able to sleep all the night without breaking for his night meal. Anyway good luck!

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