Have you tried…

…the breast milk? I mean after you’ve grown out of infancy.

I don’t know why but most of the guys I know feel some sort of disgust towards breast milk. They are rather attracted by the container, so to speak. Most of them would try the milk directly from the breast, but would never taste the same milk from the bottle or cup.

Until today I wasn’t sure if I am one of those guys. I tried breast milk from the bottle when I was about 7 years old, when my mother was feeding my infant brother. But that doesn’t count. And its a vague memory anyway. These days though, when my wife is feeding my son, I was thinking if I should try it.

I would gladly jump onto a tit, but the problem is with Olga – she is protecting the sterility of my son’s food place better than US Army protects Fort Knox. The tit is out of the question. Once in a while though Olga puts some milk in the bottle. She’s not pumping it. It’s just coming out and instead of dripping it all over the floor, she just puts it in the bottle.

Since I mentioned to Olga several times that I’d be glad to try the milk (from the breast) she is offering me the bottle every time. I’m sure it’s not the same, so I was refusing it.

But today something ticked and I tried the milk. I didn’t drink the whole thing – just a sip or two to get the taste. I have to say that it is much better than some people can think of it. It taste like a normal milk with some water in and just a tiny bit of sugar. Yes, it is watery and a little sweet.

There is nothing more to it…

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