Yet another reorganization of photos

After some more thinking and consideration, I decided to reorganize my photos yet again. Having several hierachies based on date under one tree (/photos/2005/04/… and /photos/Projects/POTD/2005/04/…) is way too confusing. It makes finding things too hard. Also, having photoblog without RSS feed an annotations (except for EXIF comments) doesn’t seem right. And because I am such a control and centralization freak, I decided to do it too.

Anyway, I will restructure my POTD folders in the following way: folder named /photos/Projects/POTD/2005/04/15/ will now be named /phots/2005/2005-04-15_POTD/). In other words, POTD folders will be mixed together with the normal albums.

But you won’t have to look for them too hard no further. I will be posting selected images to this blog. The image will be thumbnailed to 400 pixels or whatever fits my current theme. I will also be posting the link to the album where the image can be seen in bigger and/or original size along with other images from the same day. All POTD images will be categorized as, well, POTD. Additional categories will be assigned as appropriate. No EXIF data will be posted. Those curios enough can get images from the album and scan those for EXIF. Maybe I will change this later if I find a better solution.

I have started to move things around, so you might have minor problems for a couple of days or so. After that, locating and navigating images will be a bliss.

Update: While fixing POTD, I decided to reorganize the normal albums aswell. I have created a separate category for them too. I’ve went back and fixed all POTDs and normal albums from the beginning of 2005. I’ll do the rest shortly.

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