Russian soup

Browsing through the threads of LiveJournal, I came across this post. Quoting:

Russian soup

Russians refresh themselves with this cold soup made of ice-cold kvass (weird national drink most closely compared to non-alcoholic beer), sausage, cucumbers, onions, boiled eggs and sour cream – just imagine this horrendous concoction!!…

And guess what they call this “soup” . … They call it “Ohkroshka”… pretty difficult to articulate, huh?

And now get ready for a translation. “Ohkroshka” means “Oh baby”!

It made me think.

Firstly, of course, the unthinkable humor of it. I’ve been eating “Ohkroshka” since I don’t remember when. My grandma usually cooked it. Among other things, my grandma possesses two definite talents – cooking and playing with words. I find it interesting that, while she practically harassed every other Russian word on the planet, she never touched “Ohkroshka”.

Secondly, I found it interesting how narrow-audienced this post is. Originally meant for the English-speaking people, the true fun of it opens only for those who knows well the Russian cuisine AND English language.

And, thirdly, of course, how blogging in general and LiveJournal in particular help to rediscover familiar things and open my eyes on stuff I long thought I knew.

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