On salaries

The question of salaries is, I think, one of the most important in the business world. How much should an employee get paid? How much is too much? How much is too low?

The other day I was thinking about ways of finding the ideal salary amount. This is close to impossible, of course. But I managed to find a nice measurement for the managers to compare. If employee, by accident, will one day destroy the boss’s car, which supposedly is not insured against accidents like this, than employee’s salary should be high enough to provide a realistic payback period.

Thus, the more expensive boss’s car gets, the more employees should be rewarded for their work. Nice and fair, isn’t it? :)

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  1. Nice. But what do you mean under “a realistic payback period” 1 day – 1 month – 50 years? Anyway I prefer think accidents happen with car, villa, aeropalne, yacht. :)

    …Hmm Why I confine myself? Destroy everything and kill them all…stop after 100 frags :)

  2. I belive everything is connected. The boss had a shity car so he broke it. He took a bus from point A to a train station where the the train stops.
    So u need to figure out how much is your salary is if the distance between your workstations at the office less than 2 meters and the train speed is 80 km/h :-)

  3. Here is another one.
    Boss on a shity car starts moving from Point A to point B with a speed 80 km/h. You decided to quit your job, you took your workstation and jumped into the bus at the point B. When you will see your angry boss at the train station if your speed is 50 km/h and the distance between A and B is 150 km?

  4. Igor, you are talking about “happened once” scenarios. My estimation was more or less a rule for general use. Exceptions are possible, of course. But, I would rather have my boss figure out my salary based on my estimation. :)

  5. To be serious. There are many other samples that u can consider “rules”. I do not really believe that this can apply to anything. For instance some “employed” star actors have bigger “salaries” than studio bosses. The question is that your work and your skills must be at high standards and your boss must understand that he really needs u. In this case the matter of salary will never arise. In real life the boss will find 2 indian. Auguste Renoir was selling his painings to his “boss” just to survive. He died in misery – his paitings cost fortune now

  6. Yeah, well, whatever…

    There is an issue of potential aswell. No matter how skilled the employee, there is always a practical limit for how much he can get paid in each company. When the limit is hit, no more skills will help.

    This makes me think back about my post. This limit of salary can be seen from the boss’s car. If the boss is driving something really cheap and broken, chances are you won’t get too reach with the company. On the other hand, if the boss is driving a limited edition super-duper vehicle, it might be promising.

    For an even better estimation, cars of lower bosses can be examined. :)

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