KDevelop vs. Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

This article at NewsForge.net compares KDevelop and Microsoft Visual Studio .Net. It suggests that KDevelop is an often better option, even though it still has a few sharp edges waiting to be rounded. This review is mainly based on functionality needed for C and C++ programming.

I myself don’t use neither KDevelop, nor Microsoft Visual Studio .NET thus I can’t really say if the article holds any water. But more publicity can’t hurt KDE project, so I decided to link to it. Let me know what you think about the review. Even though I use Vim practically for all my programming, I am still interested in other IDEs and editors.

9 thoughts on “KDevelop vs. Microsoft Visual Studio .Net”

  1. Vim is just *editor*. It’s not IDE. I use Vim as well and I’m satistied with it till I develop on Perl or PHP. But if I’ll start to use Java my choise is IDEA or Eclipse. Because it’s very difficult to use Vim in Java to produce Java applications except if you are James Gosling :)

  2. Michael, Java is such a crappy language that it requires and IDE. All other programming languages (think C, C++, Asm, Python, Perl, PHP, etc) don’t require it and leave the choice of the tool to the programmer.

  3. I’m not agree with you. Java is only example. Let’s see another case. Somebody needs to develop an application for KDE. Using KDevelop it’s easy ans fast to create it because some of draft work will be done by IDE. But if you are prefer use Vim or Emacs or another editor you should do it yourself.
    Java is an example of comlicated technoligy and Java IDE does many work in the background to make a life of developes easier.

  4. Michael, programming Qt in Vim is pretty easy. Programming Java in Vim is close to impossible. See for example the difference in length of class/method names in Qt and Java. Having no completion on names and having no method description tooltips will make a world of difference…

  5. Try to see around you, world is changing (new processors, mobos,
    graphics cards, …) and it’s sad to constate that the Stone Age is reigning
    in the *NIX, *NUX world.

    You was captured by aliens there is 20 yeas ago?
    Dont worry, in *nix – *nux world nothing has changed
    and you can continue your programming activities!

  6. win32,

    Precisely! With all the changes in processors, languages and operating systems, I don’t have to spend time every year learning new tools. My old toolbox is still working and from what I see it is very efficient.

    That holds truth particularly well in the world of text editors, word processors and IDEs. I have yet to see anything that beats Vim in that area for languages that I use.

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