Something must have happened or else, or else what?, exactly…

I can’t work today. My mood sucks. I am pushing myself to do at least something useful, but I can’t. Usually I’d get into this after a major drinking party or not sleeping for a few nights or something like that. But nothing a long these lines happened recently. After my mother-in-law came to stay with us a couple of days ago, I am sleeping rather well. I haven’t been drinking. At any serious level at least. I feel good. The weather is good – not hot, not cold, just warm and stable.

There really must be a reason for my mood, but I can’t find it. If I could, I’d find it and get rid of it and do something productive. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Mood”

  1. Don’t worry it’s all right. You had a long period under stress, maybe pleasant stress but anyway it’s stress. And your body accumulate tiredness and monotony. You get a little more relaxing time and body immediately tries to drop what it accumulates. You have to tear up the routine.

    Simplest way it’s to change / mix the daily timetable, but you already destroy it by NOC :( So go some new place or/and try to meet new people or/and do something completely strange for you.

    Don’t try to sleep or drink a lot that will not help you, it just will shift problem to the next time believe me :)

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