Oopsy… those were three hours, not two!

Maxim eats about every three hours. Sometimes two and a half. If he starts demanding food after only two hours since last feeding, than either Olga or I start playing with him, trying to win some time. And usually it works. Anything from half an hour to an hour is possible to achieve.

Today Maxim started crying for food two hours after his morning feeding. Olga was sleeping, so I picked him up and started singing to him. It didn’t work. I walked around the flat with him. Nope. I told him a short fairy tale. Nu-uh.

I was trying everything for about half an hour. Olga woke up. We decided to feed the guy anyway. Olga took him and started feeding and I took the baby chart to fill in some blanks. After focusing on for five seconds I realized that Maxim was right. He slept for three hours, not two. We just confused the time.

The point of the story: you can’t trick one hungry baby with no charts of yours. He has his own clocks and expects everyone else to synchronize with those. He doesn’t give a damn about day time saving, timezones, atomic clock, ntp and whatever else there is about time.

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