Today I had the best sleep since Maxim was born. I slept for about 8 hours or even more. Olga was taking care of Maxim and I didn’t even heard them. Ok, maybe once or twice, but that doesn’t count really.

Usually, I don’t have dreams in those two or three hour sleeping breaks that I am used to have recently. Today though I had enough rest to notice the dreams in my head. One of them was particularly entertaining.

There is an expression in Russian which can be translated as “as ugly as a crocodile”. This was the base for my dream. I don’t know why it came up though. So I was there, in the dream, telling a story to some British folks. In Englihs. Strange, I know. And I came to the point where I wanted some nice graphical description which would sound funny. I am bad at these things, but I try anyway. And I was telling them something along the lines of:

She was ugly. She was ugly as a crocodile. No, actually there is this type of crocodiles which are so ugly that all normal crocodiles don’t want to hang out with them. So she was as ugly as one of these.

Being just funny is not enough. I had to be smart. So instead of using “this type of crocodiles” and “that type of crocodiles” I wanted to actually name the types. And than I realized that I totally uneducated about crocodiles. All I could remember were Nile crocodiles and alligators. And I had no idea which one of them is uglier.

Actually, I don’t think crocodiles are ugly. They are kind of cute. In the phrase that uses crocodiles to describe human ugliness, all of them are equally ugly.

So there I was – standing in my dream, stuck in the middle of telling the story, trying to be funny and smart, and lacking one good metaphore. It’s not exactly a nightmare, but surely not one of my most pleasant dreams.

Thus I woke up…

P.S.: From a quick Google search I learned that there are alligators, caimans, crocodiles (reptiles), and gavials. All of these are in a crocodile family.

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