For the last few days Olga and I are trying to solve a puzzle. We are trying to figure out the nature of pimples that Maxim has all over his face, head, and upper back. Our pediatrician is not much of a help in this issue. At first he suggested that these are caused by Olga’s hormones, which is a usual thing. We believed him.

But after a view cycles of disappearing and appearing, it was suggested that there is some alergenic component in Olga’s diet. We’ve been searching for it ever since. The search is complicated by a fact that the cause and effect are separated with about 24 hours. Meaning that when Olga eats something she is not supposed to, we can see it only about the same time the next day. Consider now that Olga eats at least three times a day and has some variety at that.

Meanwhile, dr.Simos prescribed some sort of baby face cream to soften the skin a bit. I bought it today and we’ll see if it will be of any help. Until we fix this, Maxim’s face skin looks and feels like one from a 13-year old teenager. Not much fun…

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