Watched “Signs” on DVD. It’s the second time I see and it’s the second time I don’t like it. It has some nice bits and it’s funny at times, but overall the movie is boring and does not deliver. The whole movie is spent in preparations for the aliens to come, but all I got was a greeny guy for about 1 minute of screen time. Also I am bothered with the fact that these aliens were very much technologically enhanced, but couldn’t figure out that water is bad for them, and that 2/3 of Earth is covered with water. Strange.

Special effects are also rather cheap. Aliens and their ships were supposed to change colors and become transparent. But I all got was no one single ship in the movie and the alien guy had this transparency working only half way for him. He was mirroring some random things from the other side of his body, he was not even close to transparent. He didn’t have any weapons either. All he got apart from his greeny skin was some kind of undeveloped finger that was releasing gas (hehe) and it’s not even obvoius if that gas is bad for people. To cut the long story short – these aliens sucked big time.

This movie needs more action. Having Mel Gibson in there was a good idea, but he needs to kick some serious alien butt. Until he does so – this movie sucks.

Update: I am not the only one who thinks that movie sucked. The movie “Signs” in four easy steps.

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