Love song gone wrong

I was listening to the radio today while in the car and there was this band singing a love song. Before the song began, in the intro, it is said that the song is about a woman, broken heart, and all sorts of usual stuff. The song was sang by two male voices, in turns, with chorus doen in duet. The funny part was that in the song itself there were like one or two references to a woman. If missed, the song sounded totally gay. I mean there were these two guys singing a love song to each other.

I almost died laughing. Imagine a band writing a great pop song. It sells lots and lots of copies. So they go out on a tour for additional promotion and money. They expect a whole bunch of young hot chicks jumping on top of them. And instead, they get a bunch of romanticallly mooded boys! Now that would be an eye openner!

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