Blooming treeToday, photo opportunities were practically jumping into my eyes.

Firstly, when I left for work I saw this big bright yellow blooming tree on the parking lot. It is the biggest tree around and it had so many flowers that it was impossible to miss. Yellow colors of the bloom worked great with green leaves and blue sky. So I grabbed my camera and made a shot.

SpiderI thought that these will be all for today. But I was wrong. There was this really jumpy spider cruising around my workplace all day long. I wanted to photograph it, but I was too lazy. He wasn’t in a hurry though. A couple of hours later I said that enough is enough and made a picture of him. He left three minutes later.

It looks like I am getting signs. The bad news are that I don’t believe in signs. :)

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-03-21_POTD

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