Flickr: discover YOUR fetish

Flickr is fantastic. Although I ran out of my bandwidth limits, I still visit it daily for a fresh portion of visual pleasure.

I am looking through a whole bunch of images daily. Sometimes though, I find something exceptionally perfect. Such images have to bookmarked (or “favourited” in Flickr tongue) immediately.

Every time I come back to my collection of favourites, I discover this or that common trend. It’s interesting to see how a bunch of images that I favourited over some time point me to things about myself that I’ve never noticed.

Today I discovered yet another fetish of mine. I doubt that there is even one word to describe it. Consider these two examples – one and two. (Women, dressed for chilly weather, drinking hot drinks from cups?) I favourited these two images days apart. On closer inspection of my favourites, I’ve also found this image, which is somewhat different in style and execution, but still features the same subjects (woman and cup).

I’ll be watching myself for more…

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