Clockworking vs. natural baby needs

My mother keeps suggesting that Olga and I should start teaching Maxim the clock. One of the ways to feed the baby regularly is by creating basically a time table and sticking to it. This means that the baby will always eat at the same time. Hours between feeds can be flexible though and don’t always have to be 3 hours. One can stick to a schedule where breaks between feedings during the night are four hours and during the day two hours, or something like that. The point is just to stick to the predetermined scheduled, so that the baby learns the clock.

We are not rushing into the fixed time table though. Most of the pediators we read and talked to suggest that the baby knows better when it is time for food. We tend to agree so far.

Since we are keeping the baby chart for the last few days we have made few observations. Firstly, Maxim is not sticking to a strict time table. There are similarities in the chart that last for up to 2 or 3 days. After that he slightly changes his habbits for the next 2 or 3 days. The number of feedings stays rock solid at 8 though.

We decided that we’ll give Maxim some more time (at least a couple of weeks). Maybe during this time he will work out a better controlled schedule. Or maybe we will get some more ideas with statistics that we are gathering.

In the mean time, his reflectory smiles are appearing more often and he can alsmost hold his head straight. Exciting times are ahead of us I guess…

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