I have started a new photography project – “Sketches“. Sketches are not actually photographs. They are ideas for photographs. I draw them manually, using the Jotter tool in my Sony Ericsson P800. Sometimes I draw them to remind myself about a photo opportunity. Sometimes I draw them to do some thinking about the picture I want to shoot. Sometimes I draw them to get images out of my head, which I know I will never shoot. Sometimes I draw them just because I have nothing better to do.

Drawing was never my strong side. This is probably why I enjoy photography so much – the chance to express without breaking my own hands trying to learn the techniques. And fast. But during the last few month I found myself drawing more and more sketches. Today I showed a couple of them to Olga and she actually liked them (or said that she liked them). That gave me an idea to dump them out on this website. This will save me some space on the memory card, provide for a good backup, and maybe even give some pervertish authentic pleasure to someone other than me.

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