Reorganization in Photos section

Until today, I had a really simple organization in my Photos section. Pictures for each trip and event were uploaded to a separate directory, which, in turn, were organized by month and year. Single shots and short sequences went into the POTD directory and were announced as my “Picture of the day” achievements.

For some time now I was planning a slight change in that arrangement. Today I got off my lazy butt and actually did the planned changes. I have created a new directory “Projects“, which will have all my photography projects in it. “Picture of the day” is one of my projects, thus it was moved.

Since I have posted links to POTD submissions into way too many forums, I intend to keep those links working. In case you are wondering how I did it, here is a copy-paste from my .htaccess file:

# Photos
Redirect /photos/POTD

Please let me know if anything got broken on the way…

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