Queens Logic

I just watched really nice film, although very underrated at IMDB – “Queens Logic“. It’s one of those films which have a little bit of everything and do carry a point.

There were plenty of familiar faces – Kevin Bacon, John Malkovich, Jamie Lee Curtis and others. I also almost broke my head trying to guess where from do I know Linda Fiorentino. I knew that I have seen her recently, I knew that she was in one of my favourite movies, and I could remember a few phrases she said, but nothing that could pin point the film. And than I heard in my head: “And how am I supposed to stop an angel? Even two of them? Shoot them? Hahaha…”. And there she was – Bethany in “Dogma“!

But I digress. The film is really really nice. A good story with many characters, all of which were properly developed. Excellent music and fantastic photography. It also has this realistic feeling to it. Everything could have been based on a true story, and if it wasn’t, there might be one anyway.

My personal rating for it 8 out of 10, but I would give it 9 at IMDB just to boost it up a little.

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