The Dreamers

Olga and I watched “The Dreamers” on DVD. (Martin tries his best to shorten my wishlist).

This movie is a very nice drama. It looks very fresh after everything I have seen lately. Somehow it provides a neat mix between American and European cinema. There is plenty of American stuff to make it easier on the watchers and to provide audience with entertainment. Most of the film is European though. It is eye scratching with the issues of sex and nudity. Drugs are touched mildly. But human relationships and cultural differences mixed with romance and family are at the core of the film.

There is plenty of good acting in this film. Choice of compositions and timing in soundtrack are amazing. I wish photography was a bit better. I also wish I could have English subtitles for the French dialogues which occur frequently and mixed with English during the course of the movie. Maybe next time.

Anyway, I like the film and do recomend it to anyone who has been exhausted by the number of templated movies that are coming out of Hollywood during the last few years.

8 out of 10.

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