Pulp Blogging

Do you know all those cheap newspapers they sell at the city square kiosk? They are printed on the cheap recycled paper, which looks yellwish. If it doesn’t, than it gets yellow from time, but very shortly after you buy it. These kind of newspapers always carry really strange and weird stories about aliens, superpowers and such. In Russian, these are called “yellow press” (word-to-word translation).

There are similar newspapers in many countries of the world, I guess. Additionally to such newspapers, there are cheap books about pimps, drug lords, supercops, etc. They are roughly of the same quality and value as those “yellow press” newspapers. These books (and sometimes journals) are known by the name “pulp fiction”, if I am not mistaken.

Considering all of the above, if I am writing some “serious” stuff like this post about Keanu Reeves soul, using only free (as in beer) software, then does it mean that I am doing “pulp blogging”? Or am I writing “yellow posts”?

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