Keanu Reeves sold his soul to the devil

Yup. This is the conclusion we arrived to today. Olga, Hazard, and I were watching yet another movie with Keanu “acting”. I mean everyone knows that he cannot act. But if you look closely, you wil find something more.

No matter what scene he is delivering, what words he is speaking, what role he is speaking, he does not show any emotions. Not even one. His eyes are as empty as beer bottles around my house. When he hates someone, he just says “I hate you”. When he loves someone, he just says “I love you”. When he wants to know what time it is, he just says “What time is it”. His speech lacks intonations. His body language sucks big time. And his eyes are empty. Always.

Now, how can you explain this? Looking totally empty and emotionless on one hand, and having huge salaries for acting in box-office breaking blockbusters on the other hand – that is just … well, strange at least. The first and only explantion that came to us was that he sold his soul to the devil. We cannot see his soul in his eyes, and he gets whatever is that he asked for. Oh, and if you are not convinced enough by that, just check out some really strange and mysterious facts from his life at his trivia page at IMDB.

One thought on “Keanu Reeves sold his soul to the devil”

  1. I mean after all he’s went through, in his life he saw his dad leave his wife died in a car accident and he saw his sister in dear pain while fighting leukaemia, it’s probably hard to evoke emotion. (I’m not biased i know a lot of people in Hollywood sold their souls)

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