Fooling traffic cameras

With Cyprus police promising to install traffic cameras in the near future, few people I know started to worry that antiradars won’t be working anymore and that speeding will have to become a part of history. I always knew that there will be someone smart who will find a solution to the traffic camera problem. At the end of the day, this is just another problem, and there are way too many people interested in that solution.

Well, today I stumbled upon this website (via this post at Engadget). It advertises a product called Photo-Blocker, which is nothing more than a spray. You buy a can, spray some on your number plates, and they will be indistinguishable on the photograph.

I haven’t tried it myself and I have no way of checking if this one is true. But the idea sounds interesting…

4 thoughts on “Fooling traffic cameras”

  1. Well, people will try no exceed a speed limit because they will know about cameras. However, they will find some way to neutralize that. The easiest way do not wash a car and cameras won’t identify it :)

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