First look at Fedora Core 3

I’ve upgraded my office workstation to Fedora Core 3 today. It is the most painless upgrade that I have had so far. The only problem I had was that backspace stopped working in Vim. It turned out that there is a difference between stty erase '^?' and stty erase ^?.

On the bonus side though, I’ve got a lot. First of all, my KDE desktop is even better now than ever before. It is faster, more polished, and has “complete” feeling all over it. Things just work in the most intuitive way. Firefox is finally included in Fedora Linux. It is aso much faster than the version I used until now. Fonts look georgeus. Scrolling and page loading are even shocking at first.

SELinux is pushed through this time too. It is active by default. I haven’t played with it much yet though.

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