Olga is having ERCP

Trip to Nicosia. Olga is very weak and dizzy. Removal of the stone from the gall duct went very successfull according to the doctor who performed it. He is said that the stone was about 1.0cm in diameter, while the normal size of the gall duct is about 0.7cm. Olga feels better after operation. Trip back to Limassol in the evening. On the way I got stopped by the police for speeding (with 150+ km/h on the radar) but they let me go, since I had a “patient” in the car.

In other news, today I’ve seen all kinds of spectacular skies. Very nice! Skies were changing every 15 minutes. The colors, shapes and textures were breathtaking. It’s a pity I haven’t got a camera…

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