Picture of the day

KiwiToday’s submission to ‘Fruit Picture of the day’ project is kiwi. I had the idea of shooting a couple of them together – one cut and one untouched – for a couople of days now. When I started the session I realized that I have eaten all of them but one while thinking about composition. Putting just one fruit in the frame wasn’t interesting anymore, so I decided to cut it in two. Then I realized that it is pretty difficult to:

  • adjust your brain to two halfs after thinking about two wholes for a couple of days
  • places items of round forms in exact positions
  • cover up ugly parts of the kiwi fruit when all you have are ugly parts of the fruit

I have taken a total of 18 shots to produce this one picture here. It reminds me of my early computer days when I was making syntax errors in the ifthenelse statement every other day for a few month in a row.

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