Watched “Superstar” on TV. This is a rather average comedy with a few laughs which is mostly for teenagers. It covers the regular topics of school, dating, and coolness. It has some religion stuff in it too. Will Ferrell is the ultimate Jesus – the best I’ve ever seen so far.

This movie is based on a very regular story. How an ugly girl can get the dating attention of the coolest guy in school, while he is dating the prettiest girl around? And than, how comes that the coolest guy is actually a sucky date and the actual love strikes from someone who has been a friend for some time now. The good part though is the setup. All happens in a catholic school with church personalities shown pretty good. The ugliest girl is actually so desperate for date that she kisses every other tree and talks to every other traffic sign.

The long story short, 5 out of 10 does this movie justice. If you’ve been on more than 5 dates with a total of more than 2 different people, go watch some romance if you are a girl or porn if you are a boy.

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