The best way to wake up

What do you think is the best way to wake up? The worst awakening is clear – it is an early morning alarm clock after a late night’s party that left the hangover ache in all your body, and especially in the head. But what is the best way to wake up?

For some time I used to think that waking up while someone gives you, excuse me, a blowjob is the best thing in the world.

When Maxim came to this world, sleeping became somewhat a luxurious commodity and my idea of the best waking up changed. No longer I need any blowjobs. I wanted just to wake up on my own. Without Maxim crying, Olga feeding, or alarm going off kicking me out of the warm bad towards the office. I thought I would never again will be able to sleep as much as I want.

Recently, though I had the biggest change in my position on the best waking up. The best way to wake up is from your kid crouchingn all over you, putting his head on your chest, laughing in your ear, pulling hair from your head, and sticking his fingers in your eyes, ears, and nose. That’s just so much fun and joy in this that I don’t care about how much I slept, where I have to go and what to do. I just want it to go on for a few more minutes and then I am ready to go anywhere and do anything…

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