Canon rules

PhotographyBlog has quoted press release from Canon which shows why exactly Canon rules and owns. For those, who is not going to click through, here is an executive summary: Canon is announcing 90 new products in 2004, which roughly one product every four days. 19 out of these are new digital cameras. Canon is the only company in the world who is not only developing, but manufacturing itself all of it’s cameras, sensors, and lenses. It pushes a whole tonne of money into Research and Development. This year it will be 8.2% of its all global revenues, which is almost 2 billion Euro. And blah blah blah…

Not only they do a lot, but they do it well too. Same site has a link to one week with Canon EOS 20D review. Faster power-on cycle, more settings and effects (like black and white photography with colored filtering), better focusing system, better battery, and less noise in low light conditions. In the review, there is an image shot in candle light with ISO 1600 setting, which has alsmost no noise. They boast that ISO 1600 with 20D is roughly the same as ISO 400 with 10D. Now, that’s an improvement!

Anyway, the point is – Canon rules and owns all the way!

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