Why You Should Never Lose Your Digital Media

Slashdot is a running an interesting story about the issue of losing digital media with private files, like photographs, and about someone else using it when found. It links to the blog (with the cool name “I Found Some Of Your Life”) of the guy, who found a CompactFlash (or something similar) with 227 images in the taxi. He started the blog with a daily post of one photograph from that collection and his own comments about it.

As many people, as many opinions they say. Some people are very concerned about privacy. Some are not so. You lose something, you lose something. Of course, it might be really uncomfortable to find your private parts all over the Internet (not the case here), but than try to not to do anything that you might regret afterwards. I think if I found someone else’s media with files, I would try to return it. But I wouldn’t go into great effort to do so. Just some trivia. If that fails, I might as well post all of the content to the web. This way the owner will have a better chance of finding it. :)

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