New DVD club about to open

One of the ground floor offices in the building where I live haven’t been rented for years. Recently I have noticed some construction work going in there behind the curtained windows. A couple of days ago it became obvious that someone is moving in – most of the walls are painted in bright green. That’s a good enough sign for me.

Today I caught a couple of guys that were working in there and I asked them what they are opening. They said – “DVD club”. Surprisingly, I started to feel very very glad. I don’t know why that happened. I was never excited about someone’s office opening next door. Plus, I do use services of another DVD club which is 5 minutes drive from my place. Anyway, somehow their answer made me happy. I confirmed with them that they are going to rent DVDs and that blew my roof off.

These guys are virtually on the way between my flat and my car. There is no way I can get home without passing by their shop and getting a couple of films to watch. This is so great that I do have troubles expressing it. I guess that makes me a hardcore movie fan.

The works in the shop look to be coming to an end and some furniture is already in place. I beleive that I have even saw a computer box marked with HP today. That means that they are openning really soon. I cann’t wait.

I also hope that since they are a startup they will be more responsive to customer requests such as a website with online catalog and DVD booking system. That is so easy to implement and it makes life so much simplier that I am shocked to see that not so many shops implemented it.

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