I was surprised twice right now. Firstly, I was surprised to find “Dogma” on TV. It is just 5 years old. I expected it to need more time to get here, considering how cheap and religios local stations are. Secondly, I was surprised to find out that I haven’t had a blog entry about this film. I have seen “Dogma” more than 20 times and I now it inside out, but I haven’t wrote anything about it here.

Well, I think it is much better to see the movie than to read the review. Especially from such a lousy reviewer such as myself. “Dogma” is a perfect movie in many senses. It is interesting, entertaining, gives you a lot to think about, funny, professional. I like every bit about this movie and it is interesting to note that every time I watch it, I find something new, something that I haven’t noticed before.

“Dogma” is a proud part of my home video library, but since my VCR is not working for some time now, I’ll be happy to get “Dogma” on DVD. Get it, watch it, and enjoy it. It is a sure 10 out of 10 movie.

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