Cabaret owner arrested on suspicion of pimping

Vladimis has sent me this link to the Cyprus Mail article which describes the conflict, or rather misunderstanding, that a guy had with some cabaret staff.

I don’t know how is it in other countries, but in Cyprus cabarets are actually the places where prostitutes work. They are called a million different names with dancers and actresses being the most common, but I have yet to see one descent show. None of those I saw could dance or entertain. Everyone knows it. Sex is the reason people go to the cabarets in Cyprus. That, of course, invovles money. Since prostitution is illegal, money are paid in different ways – for example, drinks for the lady ($10 USD orange juice will solve all your menhood problems at once). Still, the guy from the article seems to not know this, although he is a pretty old local gentlemen. On the other hand, maybe he wanted some free service. Go figure.

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