And yet another downtime…

And yet another downtime occurred today. Reason: power failure in the region. This is getting really interesting. Never ever did we have any problems with electricity. I don’t even have an UPS. Slowly, I am rethinking my position. The question is if that will help. Today, the power was cut for almost 3 hours (roughly from 12:00 until 15:00).

2 thoughts on “And yet another downtime…”

  1. It will help for sure but don’t reckon how many hours the Cyprus Electricity Authority aka CEA (it’s for search robots:) could possibly cut off power. You just need UPS with software control, at least your computers will safely shutdown. Why I’m writing that? You know this better than me. Who is THE backup administrator? And somebody was going to buy an UPS 3-4 years ago AFAIR Do you remember who he was? :) And please increase the cols parameter in this textarea BTW rows too. Otherwise uncomfortable to write a long and stupid comment like this one :)

  2. [1] I didn’t have any major problems with power until recently, so there was no need for UPS. As for the backups – I do have all vital information backed up regularly. DVD writer is more important currently than UPS. :)

    As for the textarea – when I will see long more huge comments, I will increase the textarea size. :)

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