50 must-see documentaries as per New York Times

Via Kottke.org I came across the New York Times recommendation of 50 must-see documentaries.  Looking through the list, I see only a few that I’ve seen.  The rest should provide me with a few hours of entertainment and learning.  To make things slightly more useful, I’ve created a new public list on IMDb, in which I’ve put all the recommended movies in the order that they were recommended.

Which ones have you seen and which ones do you recommend I start with?

Update: There were quite a few critical comments to the article, suggesting even more documentaries that should have made the list but didn’t.  I decided to keep the original list intact and created an additional list – Must-see documentaries. I’ve put most of the suggestions from the comments into this list and I will keep updating it with other documentaries which I get recommendations for.

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