Trailer : District 9

I’ve heard a few really good words about “District 9“, the new alien movie.  I have no idea when it will come to Cyprus cinemas or will be available on DVD, but the trailer looks quite interesting.


4 thoughts on “Trailer : District 9”

  1. District 9 was very thought provoking. The way it used TV-like footage, news reporters, and commentary made one wonder if this has already happened. District 9 seems to address questions that have circulated for a long time, such as; have aliens really landed; what would they be like; what future alien landings will occur; and what is their purpose for the future?
    In District 9, Wikus van der Merwe, the agent who works for Multi-National United (sound like New World Order?) is helped by the two aliens after he had been exposed to a DNA-altering spray. Wilkus slowly transforms into an alien. He wants to get cured and turned back into a human. The two aliens promise to help him transform back into a human. They end up taking off, but they promise to return with a fleet of their fellow aliens. Interestingly enough, they plan on ending the human tyranny over their fellow aliens in district 9. It sounds like judgement.

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