Olympics: Audience

AudienceI had an interesting thought while watching the Olympic games. It is about how audience differs today from the audience of the past and of the future. Take for example camera flashes. Every major sport event, when shown on TV, has lots of photocamera flashes in the audience. Think about it. Flash on the camera is to add some light to the subject of the photograph. In case of sport events, audience is too far away from the subject and there is no way a small flash can light up the stadium. People who are into photography know that. That’s why they either get closer or don’t use flash. Other people use point-and-shoot cameras which are automatic all the way and decide for themselves if the flash should be used or not.

30 years ago photocameras weren’t that cheap and popular. They were less automatic. Flashes were external. If you watch video recording from the 30 year old events, you will not see any flashes in the audience. Only from the media corner.

In 30 years from today, camera’s will be way too smart to attempt lighting up the stadium. They are constantly getting smarter. So, you will not see that much flashing from the audience of the future.

There are other examples of how audience changes. People weren’t putting team colors on their faces for ever you know. Flags and team scarfs weren’t always there too. Interesting, isn’t it?

Do you have any other examples? :)

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