Brother Bear

Today we’ve watched the most lame, stupid, and boring animation created in the past few years – “Brother Bear“. It is a pretty standard Disney animation with all the usual faces, emotions, and characters that was turned even worse.

There was an attempt to base everything on a more-or-less original story, but it turned out to be really simple and undeveloped. Not enough evolved characters – there are many faces, but none of them are complete. If it wasn’t for a couple of elk’s with Canadian accent it would have been totally empty.

Music deserves a special mention. It was totally gay (in the bad meaning of the word). Timing was really bad. Accompaning animations were irrelevant and really really boring. Phil Collins was even worse than Elton John.

Closing titles were totally unoriginal, but there were a couple of nice jokes which were really needed by that time.

Canadian elks count for 1 point. Closing titles earn another point. There you go – 2 out of 10. Summary: total crap and a waste of time.

4 thoughts on “Brother Bear”

  1. I don’t remember the movie being *that* bad! I thought it fell in the category of a good timewaster but glad I didn’t go pay money at the movies for it.

    But speaking of possibly lame animation – did you see Spirit? The one about the horse? I couldn’t decide what the story was about from the trailers and haven’t seen it.

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