First McDonalds visit in years

McDonaldsIt has been a long time since Hazard, Olga, or I were in McDonalds. Today we decided to check it out. It took us surprising amount of time to decide what to order. After that few things were delayed and few other were messed up. The taste was still the same though.

It turned out that it wasn’t such a bad experience as we expected, but I doubt that anyone of us will pass by again any time soon. And if you want to live long, I don’t suggest you go in there too…

3 thoughts on “First McDonalds visit in years”

  1. I’m agree with you but notice that "McDonalds" is just FAST FOOD! And no more than FAST FOOD. So let’s think about it as place where you can get food very fast (also, let’s allow for Cypriot style of work) and actually good quality (compare with ‘Burger King’, for example).
    I sometimes eat in "McDonalds" and, in my opinion, it’s the best fast food place!

  2. [1] Well, I do it lots of junk food too. But I disagree with you about McDonalds being the best fast food place. Goody’s is much better. Sam’s Food is way better. Pizza Hut and Pizza Pepperoni is much better, although a bit slower than usual fast food. Still pretty quick. McDonalds stays far behind all of these.

  3. [2] Sure, Goody’s and Sam’s Food are much better than McDonalds but the reason why I prefer McDonalds is also its very good location. You can find it in strange city without big problems.
    I’m agree with you that generally fast food is not good for your health irrespective of place!

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