Akira” is a 16-year old animation we have seen today. There are some pretty neat drawing techniques which make it feel more like a movie and not an animation. The story is a somewhat usual Japanese twick with an almost executed global trouble. By “almost executed” I don’t mean something that almost happened. I mean that there was alsmot nothing left of Tokyo and that happened very fast.

I am not a huge fan of Japanese movies and animations. They are too sad and depressing for me. This one started off as something much lighter than I expected, so I decided to watch. Somehow it was getting bigger and bigger towards the end. And the result was as usual – I was unable to stop watching it and ended up with shocked and depressed mind. And I was feeling glad when the animation finished. For some reason I do feel glad every time I watch Japanese cartoon or film. Maybe I am broken…

Anyway, I’ll give a 7 out of 10 for the excellent graphics techniques.

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